Tour confirmed: Hollywood film music quartet tour 2019

In the spirit of our mission to promote and celebrate film music by creating film music concert programs in different formats we are announcing the first tour in Croatia under the brand name Hollywood film music quartet on tour.


The dates and locations are as follows:

7.6.2019 Tuškanac – Zagreb, Pop Up Summer Garden Festival

7.7.2019 Makarska, Glazbene noći pod zvijezdama

27.7.2019 Tuškanac – Zagreb, Pop Up Summer Garden Festival

30.7.2019 Stara uljara – Vodnjan, Vodnjansko ljeto

2.8.2019 Muzejsko-galerijski prostor Grubić – Festival na dragom kamenu, Rakalj

7.9.2019 Interpretacijski centar Petra Preradovića, Grabrovnica


The program consists of music themes from movies and series: The Crown, Game of Thrones, Beauty and the Beast, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings, Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Star is Born and many others. It was created by Ozren K. Glaser, film music composer, with the aim to entertain a large specter of visitors, local and foreign, individuals of different ages and interests but also with the aim to celebrate culture and beautiful cultural or natural venues at the same time.

The concert venues are true gems: the magical Tuškanac forest situated in the center of Zagreb, with its greenness and clear sky becomes one of Croatian’s best natural venues, just like the park forest Fra Jure Radić in Makarska, with its Mediterranean scent. Beside those beautiful natural venues, the quartet will be performing in the Old olive oil refinery in Vodnjan, in the Museum&Gallery “Grubić” in Rakalj and in the Interpretation Center Petar Preradović in Grabrovnica – special cultural locations, each one with a history and a story to tell, hosting many art and cultural events throughout the year.

This project is a result of cooperation with international partners, partners from Croatia and local organizers who have chosen film music for their audiences. Many thanks to all of them for contributing to the realization of this project: Comunicaciones y Producciones Chale Mas S.L., SoundTrackFest, YoungMasters, Obnomika d.o.o., Pop Up Summer Garden Festival, TZ Makarska, POU-UPA “Vodnjan-Dignano”, Centar za kulturu “Drago Britvić”, Agencija MT.

If you plan to visit Croatia this year, don’t miss Hollywood film music quartet on tour and enjoy life and film music!