Meet with our team!


Ozren is a composer of film and theater music. He was engaged on larger projects like: executive consultant for music on “The Reader”, production coordinator on the project “U-Carmen eKhayelitsha” and as a composer on many shows at the Croatian National Theater and other Croatian theater houses and films.


Marijana owns a Master in business administrations, and she is specialized in business Controlling. After seven years of corporative experience, she acts like and entrepreneur and starts several project. Marijana is a CEO at DreaMaker productions and executive producer at the International Sound & Film Music Festival.


Željko is the big boss, consultant and strategist of all Dreamaker projects. He is the creator of the idea of the International Sound & Film Music Festival and a person with a great entrepreneurial experience in large scale real estate and logistics projects.


Hrvoje acts as a development manager at DreaMaker Productions Ltd. He is experienced in project management, for several years he was managing an investment fund.


Tomislav is a student of Communicology, our PR Associate and Community Manager. When he is not creating posts for social networks he enjoys traveling and chasing sunsets around Europe. He is interested in event management, public speaking, and inter-cultural communication. He is a member of our team from ISFMF 2018.