We strongly promote the importance of film music & sound and its creators.
Film music offers the possibility to organize so many different events, like no other section of film or music industry. Film music is a melting pot of each existing music genre.
We believe that film music can attract audiences of all generation because film music tells stories, creates emotions and provides a unique concert experience.

  • Years of experience

    We gained years of experience in production of film music events – we create from the idea to its realization.
  • International co-operations

    We learned through our co-operation projects and networking and we have developed our unique know-how.
  • Multidisciplinary approach

    Members of our team, with their knowledge and experience cover every aspect of project management.


Ozren K. Glaser, creative director and film music composer


How we work

Our mission is executed through the production of the International Sound & Film Music Festival and the creation of a large variety of “Hollywood film music” concert programs, for wider audiences.


We create new and unique concert programs.


Our concert programs will take you to an amazing adventure.


We bring ideas to reality.

Alfons Karabuda, ECSA President about the organization of Camille Awards

"The Camille Awards have been an unforgettable event. Almost as if taking part in a glamorous film, only not with not one, but many brilliant film-music composers."

Press about the Jean-Michel Bernard concert

"Emotional and inspiring journey through the horizons of film music. With standing ovations the audience rewarded the French pianist and composer Jean-Michel Bernard performing at Park Plaza Histria at the International Sound & Film Music Festival."

Michael Minkler, 3-time Oscar winning sound designer about his stay at ISFMF

"Let me begun with by saying that my trip to Croatia was unforgettable. Neither Jenny nor I had any preconceived notions as we had been there nor studied up on Croatia. We were truly open to whatever was headed our way. All we did know was that we had very pleasant communications with the organizers previous to arriving. What we found were such pleasant people, good food and wonderful hospitality."